11 years experience as a Creative

I’ve been a Creative for over 11 years now, and over those years I’ve learnt a few key ingredients that make good creative. Firstly, relationships, whether it’s with your clients or internally, with great relationships you can do great work. Secondly, always simplify, I’ve seen hundreds of ads that are too complicated, I’ve never seen an ad that was too simple or too specific. Thirdly, presenting is everything, I’ve seen bad ideas sold in well and good ideas sold in badly, presenting is key to maintaining client or winning them.

Ideas are what got me into advertising and that’s what keeps me here after 11 years. I love the power of an idea and the look on someones face when they “get it”. I live by simplicity and love ideas that make you stop and think. I think ideas can come from anything and from anyone, I see advertising as an art, the art of selling.

Cannes Lion: 1 Silver, 1 Finalist
Clio: 2 Silver, 1 Bronze
IPA Awards: 2 Bronze
Globals: 2 Global Awards
The Drum OOHA awards: 1 Finalist

You can contact me at pat.langton@hotmail.com or +61 409 210 070